Recognizing, honoring and nurturing humanity’s unity-diversity is a key to bring about the most promising scenarios, particularly nowadays as humankind navigates delicate challenges that demand profound cultural innovation.

In this event: “An organizational touchstone to nurture unity-diversity. Art-science to bring about an Economía AMABLE”, we created abundance from abundance: joy, vitality, hope, ideas, strength, creativity for us and many more by actively participating, kindling the fire that made it possible.

“We” experiences create a resonance that spreads out into the web of life we all are immersed in, benefiting not only those who actively participate “in situ” but also many more through the spreading out ripples of joy and vitality.

Here that was achieved by nurturing wisdom from wisdom, knowledge and experience.

The event was held in honor of Charles François and Humberto Maturana, their work and lives. Dr. Pille Bunell, a friend and mentee of Prof. Maturana, herself an accomplished scientist and artist, gave voice to the poem we used to explore the concept of a touchstone.

We explored what an organizational touchstone offers, based on a case that uses a poem as a well of wisdom, inspiration and insights: Pass It On Network. A vibrant multicultural association of pioneers in the uncharted territories of longevity adopted a Hopi poem as their touchstone. The poem: “We are the ones we were waiting for”.

While a mission informs about what an organization intends to promote through its everyday action and a vision informs what it aspires to achieve, a touchstone speaks about how it does what it does. It sets the cultural environment; it conveys its spirit. It is the attractor, the cohesive force of an organization that builds meaning and nurtures values and belonging:

An attractor that has to be alive to maintain its power, by offering guidance to gain new understanding and sustenance to high ethical standards on an everyday basis: infused in each interaction of the people involved. An organizational touchstone is important in every organization, but particularly in worldwide multicultural organizations.

Very condensed, here five key components to bring about an Economía AMABLE:

Amable: a Spanish word from the Latin Amabilitas, which means conducive to love, which in English means amiable, friendly, kind. To be amable requires expressing it at the individual and the collective level.

Abundance: there is immense abundance, already existing. Recognizing it allows creating abundance from abundance.

Interdependence: not only the awareness of interdependence, but the consciousness of interdependence. The difference between the two is that the second is naturally expressed in daily life interactions.

Vitality: recognizing and caring for the aliveness in oneself and the environment, in every field of action where so many biosocial systems operate.

Cycles: recognizing, at least the existence of numerous cycles happening simultaneously at small and big scales, influencing each other, inside us and in the world we are immersed in.

This video includes the Hopi poem “We are the ones we were waiting for” read by Dr. Pille Bunnell. In the description to the video, at the YouTube channel there is a table of content allowing easy access for revisiting.

Listen to those words of wisdom as many times as you wish. Previously there was a listening pause, instructing some exercises to prepare oneself for active listening. Afterwards take a moment of silence. Capture the arising thoughts, images and feelings on paper.

Treasure your notes on the poem, since it was read with much care and love. Each paragraph has something to offer: in time you will find deeper and deeper meanings, new questions and new answers to inspire your path on an everyday basis. Note that this Hopi poem, being so far from the mainstream thinking, offers refreshment and nurturance to new insights. Enjoy your journey!

For the record, this event was held at the 65th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, under the title: “The Art and Science of the Impossible: The Human Experience».

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